Housekeeping + I was on a podcast

going to be an actual reason to pay to subscribe now!

Hi all!

I’m so glad you liked the first post. I wasn’t sure how serious this was gonna be, and i was gonna try to tailor it to peoples opinions at least a little bit, unlike twitter. I also didn’t really have a plan or whatever, so i have spent this week putting one together, and i think you all will both Like It, and Feel Enticed To A Paid Subscription.

Just so we’re all on the same page here, i’m going to do one (on rare occasions two) free posts like the one from last week per month. Fun quick hits with econ and philosophy or whatever (writing one about modular synthesis as a model for causation in macroeconomics rn, i have a whole list of them tho). Also i’ll send out little notes and tldrs when i have writing come out someplace more Official.

Then, on the paid side, I’m going to do one (and if the returns from this become good enough, two) posts per month that will be somewhat more structured and serious, but still fun. These will start in august, and the first suite will be a Prima’s Official style Strategy Guide for the General Theory. This way we can all have a fun asynchronous read-along, and can know what to expect! Again, this won’t be ultra scholarly, but will have lots of fun detours and ways to understand what’s going on and how it hooks in to contemporary life, and also larger methodological/philosophical concerns.

All of this said, i spent a very long time talking about epistemology, playing rock and roll, and also state and local finances on Money on the Left. You can find that (there’s a transcript in case you don’t wanna listen to me!) here.

ty all for reading, the response has been wild to me.

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