hows it goin

ok i promise I’m actually going to write longer-form stuff here.

probably it won’t be as polished as the stuff that i put out through Serious Outlets, because i don’t have an editor, but you all are here because you like the twitter account anyways. real posts (not this one) will basically advance an argument or point out stuff that i think is funny. things here will probably be about the same degree of rigorous as the twitter account, but in complete sentences rather than poetical fragments.

a main goal of this for me is to bring in people who know more about things i’m writing about than i do to dunk on me so that i have better citations and get less dumb, and i’d like you all to take these posts with a grain of salt because its just me here. i have golden retriever brain where i just like to find out whats goin on over here.

i’ll set up a paid subscription section in case any of you all want to give me money to buy more rice and meat in deference to my years of service (posting) on the website, but i don’t really have a plan yet for what you would get that’s special. if anyone signs up probably you will get Super Select access to poetry and art type stuff at first. later on i’ll probably do something like “a course/reading group on the General Theory” via Paid Newsletter or s/t. maybe when anna’s twitch channel becomes famous also we’ll do some tag team streaming content where we all watch madoka together.

i have the first set of topics pretty much picked out, a bunch of arguments that i’ve made verbally enough times to be worth like writing down. not taking notes on things i’m reading has finally come back to bite me in the ass like i knew it would someday. i’m not totally sure about timelines and deadlines or posting schedule yet, i’m out of routine due to everyones lives being disrupted and do also still work full time on unrelated. but, there probably will be some Econ stuff, some Philosophy stuff and some Culture stuff. but mostly it will be stuff that’s not Real Academic Econ in a serious way because i guess i have that to publish as a separate thing now. i’m not naturally a prose guy but i can make it work if you all are interested, i promise.


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